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CEO,Zenith Securities

Simon Bassey is the current Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Securities Limited. Prior to taking up this portfolio, he was overseeing the Capital Markets unit of Zenith Capital and has over 13 years’ experience in Banking, Equity Capital Markets Execution, Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Advisory Services. He began his Investment Banking career at the Corporate Finance Department of MBC International Bank Limited (Now First Bank Plc). He moved to Zenith Bank Plc (Investment Banking Group), which later became Zenith Capital Ltd., then an investment banking subsidiary of Zenith Bank Plc. He holds an MBA from the University of Manchester and a B.Sc. Degree in Economics from the University of Ibadan. Simon is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ACA) and Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers (ACS), respectively